Choosing which subtests to administer

LASS 8–11 comprises nine subtests, each of which has a different function. LASS 8–11 is a complex assessment package and a great deal of research and careful thought has gone into its development. Each and every subtest is there for a specific purpose and each subtest can give the teacher valuable information about the student.

Much will depend on the purposes of the assessment and the teacher’s knowledge of the student’s difficulties. If nothing is known about a student, it is strongly recommended that all subtests are administered, thereby accessing the fullest information. On average, this should take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete, in total. If the teacher already has useful information (e.g. about reading and spelling attainment) it should be adequate to concentrate on the other assessment components.

There are instances in which a teacher requires information about a student’s abilities in a particular aspect of attainment (e.g. reading or spelling) or particular cognitive domain (e.g. memory or phonological processing). In such circumstances, it is perfectly acceptable for the teacher to carry out only the most appropriate subtests rather than administering all of them.

In order to make sensible choices about which subtests to administer and which to leave out, teachers first need to understand what each of the subtests is for. To develop understanding of the subtests, teachers are advised to study About the subtests and Interpreting results from individual subtests.