Sea Creatures

Sea creatures is a visual spatial memory test set under the sea, with eight hollows in the underwater scene. Different sea creatures appear in different hollows one at a time and then disappear. The student must remember which creature went in which hollow. After the sea creatures have disappeared, they are shown on the bottom of the screen along with two distractors. The student must select the sea creatures that were presented and drag them to the correct hollow. The student can put the creatures back in any order as this is not a test of sequential memory. Each item has a (fairly generous) time limit in order to increase the challenge of the task.

All students start with a presentation of two creatures and complete twelve trials in total. When a student has correctly placed two creatures on two occasions they move on to three creatures and so on until the twelve trials have been completed. The maximum number of creatures that can be presented is seven. The number of distractors also increases as the test progresses, so increasing the overall difficulty of the task. The time limit increases with the number of creatures presented.


Figure 23. Sea creatures subtest