The LASS Software structure (thin client version)

LASS for Networks uses two application executable files named as shown below:

The Administration Module

(LJUNAv603.exe) for 8-11 age range edition

(LSECAv603.exe) for 11-15 age range edition

The Test Module

(LJUNTv603.exe) for 8-11 age range.

(LSECTv603.exe) for 11-15 age range.

By default, LASS for Networks is installed on the server in the application folder, which is chosen by the person who installs the software for the first time. Both executable modules read and write data to an SQL database. In addition digital sound and graphics files, the database installer tool and various manuals are also found in the application folder.

The Administration Module

This module is mainly used to manage the database (adding or removing names and administrative groups) and to view students’ reports. The Administration Module should not be made accessible to the students themselves.

The module has password protection, the default password is lucid and this can be changed using an option on the Settings page (Figure 13).

The Tests Module

The use of “thin client” architecture for LASS for Networks means you don’t need to install the entire LASS application onto each client machine. Instead, a small .msi file called the Lucid Universal Thin Client is provided; this installs a few system files, such as ActiveX Controls and DLLs, onto the client machine. A shortcut to the LASS Test application should be created manually by a technician or network manager as this is not done automatically by the installer’s MSI.

The shortcut should point to the executable file representing the Test Module (LJUNTv603.exe) or (LSECTv603.exe) on the server.

For details see Installation Guide for Microsoft ® SQL Server 2008 R2 Express ®

Both the Administration and Tests modules will be described in detail in the next section of this manual.