Appendix 1

Importing new users – the file format

Shown below is a the contents of a file in a format suitable for importation into LASS.

There is an example file (junior_import.txt) in LASS 8-11 which will be found in the folder [Application Folder\Archives].

In LASS 11-15 the appropriate file will be called secondary_import.txt and its contents may differ a little from that shown below.










There are up to 6 fields which should be entered for each student as follows:

Surname, Forenames, Sex, date of birth, Group*, Password* 

Notes on formatting

* denotes optional fields.

Each new user’s details should be in a separate line.

Fields should be separated by a comma with 5 commas in total.

Names don’t have to be in alphabetical order as they are sorted within the software.

The sex must be represented as either M or F.

Date of birth must be in the standard British short date style dd/mm/yy

If the Group or Password is omitted you must retain the comma which would have preceded it. In the example above, Ann Argos doesn’t have a ‘password’ but the comma before it is still there; also Helena Hart doesn’t have a ‘group’ so she will be allocated to the default group ‘Universal’. 

Please note: All student names used within this Guide are fictitious and used for demonstrative purposes only.