The Tests Module

The Login Panel

Upon selecting Assessments from the Start-up Menu (Figure 3) you will see the security panel similar to the one below. The student (or the administrator) should select the appropriate name from the drop-down list and then make up the correct date of birth (this represents a security feature) using the three lower drop-down lists. Upon successful completion of these two selections the student is presented with the assessments menu (Figure 19).

Figure 18 – Tests Module Login Panel

Note: If the student has been allocated a password, and the 'Use Date of Birth as Password' option has not been set for this student (see Security, Figure 17) then a password box will be shown in Figure 18 instead of the date of birth box.

The Assessments menu

Figure 19 – The LASS assessments menu

The student selects one of the test modules by selecting one of the eight Games icons (Figure 19), completes the assessment and is returned once more to this menu. After completing the test a green tick will appear next to the test completed and that test disabled.

The administrator or supervisor should ensure that the student carries out all assessment tasks that they should attempt. Upon clicking on the Back button the student will be taken back to the Login Panel, at which point another student may wish to come in and do some assessments.

To read more about how assessments should be administered and details about the individual assessment modules, please read Chapter 2 of the LASS Teacher’s Manual, as this detail is beyond the scope of this guide.