Registering LASS

Having completed the steps in the previous chapter to attach the database, you can now register the software through the LASS Administration Module.

Launch this from a shortcut (if you’ve already created one) or by launching the named executable file as below:

LJUNAv603.exe          (LASS 8-11)

LSECAv603.exe          (LASS 11-15)

Enter your name and institution details and a valid serial number in the third text box.

If registration is successful you will be taken to the Login panel where you can enter the administrator’s password.

The default administrator’s password is always printed on the software CD face.

It is usually: lucid

Note that the serial number includes codes that determine how many workstations LASS is allowed to run on simultaneously.

Please see also the LASS Teacher’s Manual for further information about the software and how to use it.