Installing the database (Server)

NOTE: Before you can proceed with installing the database please ensure you have already installed the SQL Server database engine with its SQL Server Management Studio Express tool) and configured it for use (see GUIDE 1).

If you intend to host the LASS software and the SQL Server on different computers, please STOP NOW and read the Appendix at the end of this guide first.

If the LASS software and the SQL Server are on the same computer carry on below:

Begin by launching the LASS Administration module:

LJUNAv603.exe          (LASS 8-11)

LSECAv603.exe          (LASS 11-15)

The file will be found in the LASS application folder, which you chose during installation (see Chapter 2).

After launching the executable you should be presented with the Lucid Database Installer Tool (below).

You need to choose the SQL Server Name (including instance name after the backslash if appropriate) and the ODBC driver.

If using SQL Server 2008 choose the driver: SQL Server Native Client 10.0

If using SQL Server 2005 choose the driver: SQL Native Client

If you wish to use Windows Authentication for SQL Server, choose that option.

If using SQL Server (Mixed Mode) Authentication please have the ‘sa’ administrator account password available as you need to enter it. Then click Install to proceed.

Any feedback during installation will be shown in the text window. If the database has been installed already, the tool will detect this and leave it alone, simply creating the connection string file if necessary. Click Finish and then re-launch the LASS Admin application.

If you think you may have incorrectly configured the Database Installer Tool, for instance, you get long error messages when running the LASS Admin module, you can start again by manually deleting the file server_configuration.dat in the folder called \Data off the application folder. This file contains an encrypted connection string used by the software to connect to the Lucid database. Then run LASS Admin application again and this will launch the database tool again.