Appendix - moving the database

Overview of circumstances

You are assumed to have installed LASS for Networks onto a different server to the one which hosts SQL Server. The Lucid database will therefore be hosted on the latter server.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take after you have installed LASS and the SQL Server, but before you run the LASS Admin Module for the first time.

1) Locate the folder where database files reside.

The two files which make up the database are called Lucid.mdf and Lucid_log.ldf.

(Note: SQL databases consist of both .MDF and .LDF files, which must exist in the same folder).

In the example below, the folder where the database files are found is:

C:\Program Files\LucidResearch\LASS 8-11\data

Find out where databases normally live on your SQL Server instance. Do this by launching SQL Server Management Studio Express, on the root of the Object Explorer right mouse click and select Properties.

Select Database Settings and you will see Database Default Locations (ringed in red below):

At this point, copy and paste the two database files into the folder you found in the last step.

The files show up in the picture below:

In Management Studio go to the Object Explorer panel and right mouse click over Databases. Select Attach.

You will see the Add Database window and then select Add.

Choose the database called Lucid.mdf

At the next screen where the two files appear in the lower panel, select Add.

At this point we can return to the chapter 3. Installing the database (server) earlier in this Guide