St Hugh's School

St. Hugh’s school wished to have a continual assessment system that would screen and assess all students, from their entry into Kindergarten through to their leaving at the end of Y8. Having already successfully introduced CoPS Cognitive Profiling System for the younger students, we found we needed an assessment system that offered the same benefits to the school that CoPS did. CoPS had made the school aware of the advantages of a quick, objective and easy to administer assessment tool.

In the meantime, the teachers at St. Hugh’s were quickly becoming aware of all different kinds of SEN issues and were presenting the Deputy Head, who is also the SENCo, with numerous names of students in Year 3 – Year 8, for further diagnostic testing. For me to test these students using paper-based systems meant that we were constantly facing a back-log of assessments needing to be done. It soon became apparent that there was an immediate need for a computerised assessment tool that would cater for students aged between 7–14 years. LASS 1115 fitted the bill perfectly for those aged 11–14, and LASS 8-11 will now cater for the younger students.

Whilst I worked with one student, it was possible, by using LASS 11-15, to have another student being assessed at the same time. Headphones meant that the student working on LASS 11-15 was able to work undisturbed and the process caused no disruption to my usual lesson. The resultant data provided me with valuable information and from that, I was quickly able to determine whether the student was likely to be dyslexic, or have different SEN difficulties.

The staff of St. Hugh’s were impressed with LASS 11-15 and are now using it for all students aged 11 years and over. At the time of writing this, they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of LASS Junior to complete their assessment suite of programs.