This chapter is designed to provide guidance for Administrators in following up a screening with LADS Plus. The issues and recommendations in this chapter are things that an Administrator, teacher, mentor, counsellor or support worker will want to share with a dyslexic adult in order to help them find solutions to their difficulties. But the chapter has not been written in a style that is suitable to be read by dyslexic adults themselves, so it is preferable to impart the information through discussion rather than by giving this chapter to the dyslexic person to read.

Most adults with dyslexia who are screened using LADS Plus will fall into one (or sometimes both) of two categories: employment and education. Hence this chapter has been organised around the issues that typically arise in these two areas, and the two sections that follow this (i.e. 6.2 6.3) consider what legal rights the dyslexic adult has (based on the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act) and how disputes may be resolved. However, since the day-to-day needs of the dyslexic adult are often very similar, whether they are a student or an employee, the final two sections (i.e. 6.5 and 6.6), which deal with specific support strategies, do not distinguish between employment and education but are applicable to both.

Although fairly comprehensive, this chapter does not purport to cover all the issues concerning adults with dyslexia. If further information is required, a number of books have been recommended in Section 4.1.