Appendix 2


The working database is called LADSPlusData.mdb

A second database called LADSPlusEmptyDatabase.mdb is used by the 'Archiving' option to start a fresh database.

For Windows XP the databases above are stored in:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lucid Research\LADS Plus\5.0\

or for Vista and Windows 7 in:

C:\ProgramData\ Lucid Research\LADS Plus\5.0\

Archives (also .MDB files) are stored in a folder called [Archives] just off this folder path.

Important file and folder permissions

All users should have Read/Write and Modify permissions set on the folder '5.0' and all its subfolders. The Start-up Menu shell always checks this folder and gives a warning in the event that this folder is only 'Read-Only' on the Login Account being used by the current user.

Older versions of LADS Plus and database differences

The database structure of Version 5.1 has one additional table and four additional fields compared with previous versions which went from V5.0 to 5.03. Whenever Version 5.1 encounters an older type database it will automatically add the additional table and fields it requires into the database.

The new table added to database used by LADS Plus V5.1 series is: [LADS_Groups]

Four new fields which have been added to the table [People] are:

Show_Name, GroupName, password and Dob_as_pw

Date formats

LADS Plus needs to make use of dates, including dates of birth. All dates should be in the UK format dd/mm/yy or dd/mm/yyyy. The Start-up Menu always checks for this date format when it runs. It is possible to change this format using Regional and Language Options in the Windows ® Control Panel.

Software improvements offered with Version 5.1 series

New modern look and feel for users

Students can be assigned to groups

Students can have passwords

Scores Summary is now available as a useful new report for Administrators.

The report can now be printed immediately after a student has completed the test.