Appendix 1

Importing new users – the file format

Users can be imported into LADS Plus within a comma-separated text file which may be a typical (csv) file created in Microsoft ® Excel or a home-made text file with the file extension (txt) can be created in the Windows ® Wordpad or Notepad application. Up to six fields are required for each new user, as below.




Date of birth



Fields should be separated by a comma – so there should be 5 commas on each line.

Each new user's details should be in a separate line.

The sex must be either M or F.

Date of birth must be in the standard British short date style dd/mm/yy

Names do not have to be in alphabetical order as they are sorted within the software.


Shown below is the content of the file “Lads_import_example.txt” which is provided as a sample when you choose to Import a file containing new users.


Andrews,Sally,F,13/03/80,mypassword,main group





Sally Andrews will be allocated the password 'mypassword' and will be placed into a group called 'main group'. If this group does not exist within the LADS Plus database it will be created automatically when the import file is actually imported after being previewed. Henry Bloggson will not be given a password, but note that the comma must still be kept in his text line.

The other two individuals have not been allocated a password or a group, therefore their default security settings will be “Use date of birth as password” and group will be the default group called “Universal”. Again, note that you must keep the two commas at the end of the text lines to avoid errors during the importation of the file.