The Tests Module

The LADS Plus Test module is the executable file called LADSPlusTv605.exe which is located in the application folder on the server.

A shortcut to this file in the application folder should be created by the network manager or technician on each workstation (figure 12).

Figure 12 – Desktop Shortcut to the Tests Module

LADS Plus Testing (new user self-registers)

The user will see a screen like that shown in figure 13. Note that in order to minimise distraction by other programs during assessment, LADS Plus Test screens are filled out with an opaque border which covers the entire screen or desktop.

Figure 13 – Kiosk mode introductory screen

Upon selecting the upper option (Register first and then start LADS Plus test), the new user is asked to register personal details on the Registration screen shown below.

Figure 14 – Test User’s Registration screen

After the new user’s personal details have been entered and the Save icon has been selected, he or she is taken directly to the Tests Menu (figure 15).

Figure 15 – The Tests Menu

The Non-verbal Reasoning test must be done first, followed by Verbal Reasoning. Timings within Word Recognition and Word Construction depend directly on the results of the Non-verbal Reasoning test.

The three final tests are disabled until both Reasoning tests have been completed.

Note that all the LADS Plus assessment tasks use digitised speech, therefore it is advisable for all users to wear headphones whilst the tests are being administered. Alternately, it may be satisfactory in quiet testing situations for the user to listen via the computer’s speakers.

For details about the individual tests and how to administer them, please see the LADS Plus Administrator’s Manual, which covers this in detail.

LADS Plus Testing (user has already been registered)

The user will see one of two kinds of screen. A setting on the Security screen determines which users will have their name shown on the Login list. Another setting determines whether the user will use his/her date of birth instead of a password; in the case shown in figure 16, this user does.

Figure 16 – Pre-registered User – screen A

After this screen the user will be taken to the Tests Menu (figure 15).

The user in figure 17 must enter his/her password in order to proceed to the Test Menu screen. It is up to the administrator to decide whether all users should use a unique password or their own date of birth to gain entry to the Test Menu (figure 15).

Figure 17 – Pre-registered User – screen B

For more details about the assessment modules, see the LADS Plus Administrator’s Manual.