Pre-installation notes

At this stage of the installation process for LADS Plus for Networks, it is assumed that you have gone through the procedures in GUIDE1 and GUIDE 2 which covers the SQL Server and the main LADS Plus application installation on the server.


LADS Plus uses a thin client model for deployment on a network. On all workstations which will run LADS Plus from a shortcut, you will need to install one or two small msi files and you will also need to set up a share on the server and a shortcut on each workstation.

There are 4 steps to follow in this Guide

1. Check that SQL Server Native Client 10.0 driver is already installed on the workstation. If it is not, install from the LADS Plus CD.

2. Install LADS Plus Thin Client software.

3. Create a Share on the server to the folder \LADS Plus Network\

4. Create shortcuts as required within the Share and drag them to the workstation desktop.

See Chapter 2 below for step-by-step details: