Pre-installation notes

Before you start installing LADS Plus for Networks, it is assumed that you already have an instance of Microsoft SQL Server available to host the database. If not, it is recommended that you follow GUIDE 1 ( Installation Guide for Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 Express)

The database has the name ‘LADS’ and will be created from a script. If you ever need to rebuild the LADS database from scratch, you will find the script you need create_database.sql within the folder below, or the one chosen at installation:

C:\Program Files\LucidResearch\LADS Plus Network\data\

When the database is created, it will reside somewhere within the folder structure:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\

A pair of files called LADS.mdf and LADS_log.ldf form the database in case you need to find them later.


You only need to install the LADS Plus application once, onto a server, which can be the same one where the SQL Server database engine is.

Multiple workstations (clients) will run LADS Plus using a shortcut to the main tests executable file (LADSPlusTv605.exe) on a share on the server. You need to create both the shortcut and the share, as the installer program doesn’t handle that.

One or sometimes two small software packages (.msi) are required to be installed on each client, missing out either of them will result in problems running the LADS Plus software. Please see the next guide (GUIDE 3) which tells you how to set up each client machine to run LADS Plus.

The LADS Plus Reports and Administration application is called LADSPlusAv605.exe Students or other unauthorized people should not be allowed access to this executable.