Rabbits, Crayons, Toybox and Letters

Before attempting an interpretation of results from any of these individual subtests, it is advisable for the teacher first to look for confirmation from the other memory subtests. Obviously, where there is strong confirmation (e.g. a number of related subtests below the threshold of concern – SAS 85) then the teacher can be much more confident about the diagnosis. If only one subtest result is below SAS 85 (particularly in one of the memory subtests, which require a very high degree of concentration) when all others are average or above average for that student, this may simply be a chance result, and rarely indicates a real weakness. If in doubt, the teacher would be wise to re-test the student on that particular subtest. On the other hand, one subtest result below the threshold of risk (SAS 75) is more likely to indicate a real and significant difficulty.