Case studies


Figures 42a and 42b show the CoPS report for Azim, aged 6:3. His limited knowledge of verbal concepts in English is shown by his BPVS-3 Standard Score of 49, which is very low. His teachers are quite rightly worried about him, but his scores on Wock and Rhymes are quite satisfactory. However, his other CoPS results suggest that he has fairly serious memory difficulties, which could lie behind his poor progress in English and in other aspects of the curriculum.


Figure 42a. Case study – Azim (Age: 6 years 3 months)

Figure 42b. Case study – Azim (Age: 6 years 3 months)


Figures 43a and 43b show the CoPS report for Suraj, aged 5:10. Like Azim, his English is rather poor (BPVS-3 Standard Score 76). Suraj has good scores for Wock (SAS 114) and Letters (SAS 127), and both Letter names (SAS 105) and Rabbits (SAS 95) are satisfactory; the latter three results suggesting competent visual memory skills. What is noticeable in his case are the poor scores for Crayons (SAS 89) and Toybox (SAS 83), which suggest difficulties with verbal encoding – specifically, in the use of colour labels. Clown performance was satisfactory, so these results were not due to colour discrimination problems. Finally, the Rhymes score is very low (SAS 70), indicating poor phonological awareness. The recommendations for Suraj are, essentially, continue with intensive language work, concentrating on phonological awareness and verbal encoding. His prognosis appears rather better than that of Azim, who seems to have more serious underlying memory difficulties.


Figure 43a. Case study – Suraj (Age: 5 years 10 months)

Figure 43b. Case study – Suraj (Age: 5 years 10 months)


Figures 44a and 44b show the CoPS report for Priya, aged 5:11. Her English proficiency and usage is quite good, although her understanding of verbal concepts in English is still somewhat limited (BPVS-3 Standard Score 88). In general, her profile indicates that she is not seriously at risk: apart from on Rabbits (which she may have attempted too quickly – this could be repeated if desired, in order to check this score), her scores on the memory subtests in CoPS are average or good. Auditory discrimination is also satisfactory (Wock), although phonological awareness is still limited (Rhymes SAS 80). Priya needs time spent on rhyming and other phonological activities to give her a better start in literacy learning, but otherwise she gives no serious cause for concern.


Figure 44a. Case study – Priya (Age: 5 years 11 month)

Figure 44b. Case study – Priya (Age: 5 years 11 month)