Using this manual

Using this manual

Please be aware that in this manual ‘teachers’ is used to refer to anyone who will be administering CoPS.

Ensuring you are set up for testing

Before carrying out any screening with your students, you should ensure that your machines are appropriately set up to run the subtests.

To do this, you must run the ‘Diagnostic tool’ - available from - on all the machines that will be used for testing. We recommend you do this while logged in to each machine as a student rather than a teacher (student sessions will tend to have more access restrictions).

Please note that each subtest contains audio instructions. If you intend to administer the product to multiple students in one room, every student will need access to a pair of headphones.

For further information about the technical requirements for running CoPS on your machines, please click here.

Using the subtests in CoPS

Before administering any subtest in CoPS, teachers should first read Getting Started, Before you begin and Administering CoPS. Together, these provide detailed guidance on how to select CoPS subtests and administer them. Assessing students with CoPS is straightforward but before attempting to test any students, first run through the complete suite of CoPS subtests to familiarise yourself with it thoroughly. To do this, add yourself as a ‘student’ and assign the product to yourself.

Interpreting CoPS results

Before attempting to interpret CoPS results, and especially when drawing up an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan or considering educational provision for any student in detail, teachers are strongly advised to consult the chapters in this manual dealing with interpretation of CoPS profiles. Teachers who have already read these chapters and who are seeking speedy hints on interpretation of CoPS profiles may consult Brief pointers for interpretation of results.