Retesting with CoPS

Teachers often ask ‘How soon can a student be retested with CoPS?’ The answer depends on why retesting is being considered. If the teacher has good reason to believe that a given result is not truly indicative of a student’s ability because of some hindrance factor, then retesting can be as soon as is convenient. For example, this would be the case if a student had a cold and could not hear the words, was unwell and not able to concentrate, was excessively nervous, or because there were unexpected distractions in the room. Obviously, efforts should be made to ensure that those hindrance factors have been resolved before retesting.

Retesting will overwrite the student’s previous results.

If, on the other hand, the teacher wants to see if the student has improved as a result of some intervention – e.g. insertion of grommets as treatment for glue ear, or training in phonological awareness – then a sensible interval should be allowed before retesting. In general, three months would be recommended as the minimum interval, but this could be less if the teacher had good reason for doing so. Repeated retesting on CoPS is not advisable, because under those circumstances any test is likely to show spurious improvements in performance by virtue of a practice effect.

For guidance on how to re-administer a subtest please click here.