About CoPS

CoPS (Cognitive Profiling System) is a fully digitised psychometric assessment system that has been standardised for use with students from 4 years 0 months to 7 years 11 months. It is designed to enable teachers, psychologists and other appropriately trained and qualified persons working in education or related professions to identify students’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

This information can assist in the:

  • diagnosis of dyslexia (or specific learning difficulty)
  • assessment of many other special educational needs
  • identification of various developmental difficulties
  • recognition of students’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • differentiation of educational provision for children with learning difficulties
  • creation of individualised teaching and learning activities for all students in the age range.

Although administration of CoPS is relatively straightforward, interpretation of the results produced by CoPS and implementation of appropriate educational provision, requires educational expertise and experience. Consequently, CoPS is not suitable for use by persons without qualifications in education or psychology.

CoPS should ideally be used for screening all students on school entry, or as soon as possible thereafter, i.e. at the age of four or five years. When used in this way, it can reveal many students who are likely to encounter significant difficulties in learning basic skills but who might otherwise have passed undetected at that stage. The problems experienced by such students may then be addressed swiftly and before these students have been discouraged by failure. However, CoPS can also be used for screening students aged six to seven years, or for assessment of any student within the age range who has encountered difficulties in learning. In such cases, CoPS can reveal underlying cognitive causes of learning difficulties.

The subtests in CoPS are delivered in the form of games, which are stimulating, enjoyable and non-threatening for students. The game format helps to keep the student on task while maintaining their interest and motivation. It also contributes to greater accuracy and reliability of results.

CoPS provides direct assessment of the following areas of cognitive ability:

  • visual spatial sequential memory
  • visual-verbal sequential memory
  • visual associative memory
  • visual sequential memory
  • visual-verbal associative memory
  • auditory sequential memory
  • phonological awareness
  • auditory discrimination
  • colour discrimination