Value-Added Service for IGCSE

Value-Added Service for IGCSE

The GL Education Value-Added Service provides a quantifiable measure of the impact your school’s teaching has had on its students. The service provides evidence that gives a richer understanding of a school’s performance considering the starting point of each student using CAT4 as the baseline measure.

What CAT4 data do I need?

To get value-added scores you will need to have tested the students with CAT4 in one of the years before they sat their exams as set out in this table:

Eligible CAT4 testing for value-added for students sitting I/GCSE in May/June 2022

School year/ grade

Year 7 / Grade 6 

Year 8 / Grade 7

Year 9 / Grade 8

Year 10 / Grade 9

Calendar year





CAT4 Level

Level D

Level E

Level F

Level F / G

Webinar: Introduction to value-added

How do I start?

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